Morae Means “Sand” in Korean

Our company is named Morae not only because sand is one of our raw materials - but because we’ll help build your brand from the ground up. Our goal is to help our customers’ entrepreneurial visions take shape - conceptually and tangibly - by creating custom, innovative packaging solutions from the finest materials.

CORE STRENGTH Morae manufactures exceptional, eco-friendly glassware and plastic products for the biggest names in the beauty market while providing hands-on support and bespoke services throughout the entire process. CORE VALUE As an industry-leading packaging provider, our core value is to offer exceptional, high-touch service to our customers that will always leave them satisfied. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and the successful launches of your products. CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY Both our glass and plastic manufacturing facilities are state of the art. We continuously strive to enhance our manufacturing techniques in order to reliably provide our customers with high-grade products. FACILITY Our 52,000 sq.ft. glass manufacturing facility is located in Gunwi Gongdan-gil, Gunwi-ep, South Korea. Perfect for brands wanting to take advantage of the huge k beauty trend in Korea and around the world. SUSTAINABILITY MATTERS At Morae, we take sustainability and protecting the Earth very seriously. We offer several eco-friendly packaging options and try our best to minimize our carbon footprint. QUALITY RAW MATERIALS Morae uses top-quality materials to create reliable, refined packaging for our customers and their cosmetic brands. We are proud to use high-quality silica sand in our glass because it guarantees the glass will be top of the line. Working with high-quality raw materials as our foundation helps us to achieve optimal results.